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Adjustable umbrella holder
A luxurious multifunctional umbrella holder for wheelchairs. Also suitable for attaching other items..
Ex Tax: €33,02
  Provides humidified air and extremely healthy. Bacteria free, hygienic and odour. M..
Ex Tax: €74,34
Balance board
A balance board that has a 14 degree angle, whick makes it a lot easier to use. recommend for childr..
Ex Tax: €28,88
Bed relaxer
Support and comfort while sitting or sleeping in bed. You can use it in two ways either upright to a..
Ex Tax: €41,28
Bedhandle transfer aid
This ergonomically shaped handle is a tool for getting from bed to sitting position in bed. Easy to ..
Ex Tax: €111,53
Blood pressure Monitor
The BM44 is A Fully-automatic upper-arm blood pressure monitor. Easy to handle one-button operation...
Ex Tax: €61,60
Brightlight lamp
The daylight lamp for the simulation of sunlight is ideal for use on desk. Light intensity 10.000 lu..
Ex Tax: €90,52
Caddie for bed
helping hand to a sitting position in bed. Made for people who need a helping hand to sit in bed saf..
Ex Tax: €27,23
Coilers shoelaces
Never ty your shoes again with the easy to use elastic coilers. Can be tightened or loosened. It all..
Ex Tax: €6,57
Cushion of visco-gel
This range of wheelchair cushion is the most ultimare pressure relieving one. It incorporates wit..
Ex Tax: €185,80
Drink-holder wheelchair
The moulded drink holder comes with a ring on top and a tray on bottom. Can hold bottles and cups...
Ex Tax: €9,88
Extendable bed rail
Adjusts in length after installation. Works well as a support bar for getting in and out of bed and..
Ex Tax: €145,72
Goblet with flexible straw
Cup with a flexible straw. With this cup it is simple to gain access at all times to fluid. Fit..
Ex Tax: €23,93
Hand dynamometer
For repeatable and accurate grip-force readings. Made for reliable evaluations of the grip force. T..
Ex Tax: €545,41
Heat lamp infrared
For use with muscle ache, colds, tension, etc. Glass plate from ceramic. An exclusive design. Ste..
Ex Tax: €100,26