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wheelchair carry bags

Wheelchair carry bags are waterproof, sturdy with extra pockets to carry all of your personal items

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Bag for oxygen
This bag stores the oxygentanks conventiely out of the way. This lighweight bag is ideal for persons..
Ex Tax: €80,95
Drink-holder wheelchair
The moulded drink holder comes with a ring on top and a tray on bottom. Can hold bottles and cups...
Ex Tax: €9,88
Shopping trolley with seat.
When the handle is pressed, the wheels rise and the seat sinks down. The handle is height-adjust..
Ex Tax: €268,00
Wheelchair armrest bag
This Wheelchair armrest bags is made of sturdy nylon finished off with a robust band for strength an..
Ex Tax: €23,00
Wheelchair Armrest bag Large
The Wheelchair Armrest bag has a pockets to keep items organized and secured. Convenient design keep..
Ex Tax: €19,29
Wheelchair Backpack Mobility
A very large and spacious bag for a wheelchair. The shoulder straps can be hung on the handles of a ..
Ex Tax: €82,00
Wheelchair bag
A simple but durable bag with bound loops which can be easily attached to the wheelchair handles. Pr..
Ex Tax: €34,00
Wheelchair Bag and crutch holder in one
Strong and spacious bag for a wheelchair. Lockable with a zipper. Has two side holders for your crut..
Ex Tax: €74,00
Wheelchair bag for under the wheelchair seat
A convenient storage bag under the wheelchair seat. Accessible through the front. Made of durable da..
Ex Tax: €28,88
Wheelchair crutch and walking stick Holder
The crutch and walking stick holder can be used separately or in combination with a wheelchair/mobil..
Ex Tax: €31,90
Wheelchair small backpack Mobility
A compact and stylish backpack for (child) wheelchairs. The shoulder straps can be hung on the handl..
Ex Tax: €61,00
Wheelchair Travel bag luxury + Belt bag
The wheelchair Travel bag is a strong and multifunctional bag. Long and wide detachable fa..
Ex Tax: €79,00