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Orthopedic Support

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Arm sling
The arm sling is designed to prevent straps from slipping or riding up the neck​. The D-ring ster..
Ex Tax: €54,98
Bed relaxer
Support and comfort while sitting or sleeping in bed. You can use it in two ways either upright to a..
Ex Tax: €41,28
Body Posture Corrector
NEW! The Body Posture Corrector is device that warns you when you take on an incorrect body posture...
Ex Tax: €25,13
Body Posture Corrector
The Body Posture Corrector I generation is designed for children and adolescents with postural probl..
Ex Tax: €19,29
Extendable bed rail
Adjusts in length after installation. Works well as a support bar for getting in and out of bed and..
Ex Tax: €145,72
Harley back support
Harley back support are used for many years in various medical centers. Harley back support stabiliz..
Ex Tax: €42,93
Harley Back Support Universal
Stabilizes hips and pelvis. Detachable side supports for extra support. Provides even pressure. 16 c..
Ex Tax: €42,93
Harley sacrum support
Stabilizes the sacrum and supports the pelvis. Dimensions: hip size. +/- 18 cm below the waist. A..
Ex Tax: €28,06
Heat lamp infrared
For use with muscle ache, colds, tension, etc. Glass plate from ceramic. An exclusive design. Ste..
Ex Tax: €100,26
Helping hand
If bending or reaching out for picking up everyday items around the home is difficult to do, then ..
Ex Tax: €32,19
Leg raiser
The leg relaxer Harley is made to support the back of the knee and heel whilst allowing the calf to ..
Ex Tax: €48,55
Sock assist
  The most extraordinary sock aid on the market, because of its unique features. - &nb..
Ex Tax: €22,27
StrengthTape Mini Kit shoulder
BETTER THAN A BRACE Strength Tape provides top quality! Research shows that the tape sticks bett..
Ex Tax: €11,27