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Adapted cutlery set red
Alzheimer's symptoms are forgetfulness, personality changes, disorientation and loss of speech. In a..
Ex Tax: €28,88
Adjustable umbrella holder
A luxurious multifunctional umbrella holder for wheelchairs. Also suitable for attaching other items..
Ex Tax: €33,02
  Provides humidified air and extremely healthy. Bacteria free, hygienic and odour. M..
Ex Tax: €74,34
Airgo Fusion, foldable rollator & transport wheelchair in one
The stable rollator is a comfortable walking aid. The transport wheelchair is equipped with soft arm..
Ex Tax: €330,00
Auto safety and support handle
With the Handybar® it is easy to enter en exit the car. Benefits are: More confidence Ind..
Ex Tax: €28,88
Bathroom arm support
A stable and safe toiletsupport. When folded up takes up really little room. Close to the wall and b..
Ex Tax: €260,29
Bed overlays made of medical lambskin
to ensure a restful sleep Having a restful sleep promotes good health. The fine wool fibres of lamb..
Ex Tax: €189,26
Bedhandle transfer aid
This ergonomically shaped handle is a tool for getting from bed to sitting position in bed. Easy to ..
Ex Tax: €111,53
Bibetta Bib Clothing Protector
The exclusive material of the bib clothing protector has all the features of neoprene bibs, but also..
Ex Tax: €30,99
Body Posture Corrector
NEW! The Body Posture Corrector is device that warns you when you take on an incorrect body posture...
Ex Tax: €25,13
Body Posture Corrector
The Body Posture Corrector I generation is designed for children and adolescents with postural probl..
Ex Tax: €19,29
Bra dress aid
The bra dress aid is a practical tool that makes it possible to close the bra with one han..
Ex Tax: €34,67
Cane holder Pair
The Mobeli® wall brackets are supplied with a safety indicator. A revolutionary development, the vac..
Ex Tax: €59,00
Cutting Board
The Cutting Board studs board is ideal for one-handed use. Plastic cutting board with eight studs on..
Ex Tax: €41,00
Disposable bib
Disposable bib to protect clothing. The bib is absorbent, leak-proof, waterproof and has a receptacl..
Ex Tax: €8,22